News Update from the GP Partners at King Street Surger

News Update from the GP Partners at King Street Surgery –

Thank you to the several hundred King Street patients who responded to the national GP survey.

We were pleased to see we continue to rate highly on key areas of the patient-clinician relationship such as confidence, trust, listening, and shared decision-making.

We recognise that access is an important area for us to improve on.

It has been a challenging year for everyone, and we recognise the sacrifice all members of the community have made in dealing with COVID.  One of the strengths of general practice is that we are grounded in the community we serve; as a practice team we have dealt with staff absences due to isolation, shielding, and serious illness and have supported each other through family bereavements.

We have lost many patients to COVID and each loss brings an intense sadness to the whole team. We are extremely grateful to all our staff for their hard work and commitment.

We have managed to stay open throughout the pandemic.  Until recently our doors were physically closed because that is what the government required, but, our service has remained open throughout.  Where patients needed to be seen face-to-face we continued to do so.  Many patients have welcomed the flexibility of telephone appointments and online access.  We recognise that the constraints of a COVID service did not meet everyone’s needs and we have been keen to normalise our service as soon as we have been allowed to, and as soon as it is safe to do so.

As we begin to emerge from the shadow of COVID we have opened our doors again, and we have extended our appointment availability to allow patients to book ahead, including directly into face-to-face appointments.

We are currently recruiting additional doctors, nurses and health care assistants, as well as back-room staff to support the delivery and expansion of our service.

At a national level we know the demand on GPs is at an unprecedented high.  Even before COVID many practices were struggling to cope, and we have seen many GP surgeries having to shut down permanently (including several in North Bedfordshire).  Where GP surgeries have merged (as we have done in Kempston) it has been driven by the needs of survival rather than commercial enterprise.

At King Street Surgery we are committed to providing a high quality, responsive service for our community of patients. We know we face massive challenges locally and nationally, but we are determined to do our best.

King Street Surgery Partners