Submit a BP reading or calculate your Blood Pressure

Taking your Blood Pressure at Home

  • Don’t smoke, exercise or drink caffeine within 30 minutes of your reading
  • Place the arm cuff just above your elbow
  • Keep still and quiet while you take your reading
  • Take two or three readings, each about one to two minutes apart and record the average
blood pressure chart

Non-urgent advice: If any of the following occur please get immediate assistance

1. If your reading is over 160/100 please call us.
2. Seek emergency care if your blood pressure reading is 180/120 or higher AND you have any of the following symptoms, which may be signs of organ damage.
– Change in vision 
– Chest pain
– Difficulty speaking
– Numbness or weakness
– Shortness of breath
– Severe headache.

Please type your BP reading in the box below. All cells must be filled before sending the readings off to us.